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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
LAST UPDATE August 24, 2016
~ West Neck Updates ~
The 2015 West Neck Audit has been posted to the documents section.
Political signs are already starting to show up on lawns in our community. We would like to remind everyone that the West Neck rules on Political signs are:
3.6.5 Political signs may be placed in homeowner’s yards only. These signs will not be placed on any property owned by the Association including the Association property along the fence along West Neck Road, or in the grassy area between curb and side walk. Political sign will not be displayed until 60 days prior to the election day and must be removed within two days following election day. The size of the political signs will not exceed 18 X 26 inches.
Based on the above rule, political signs should not be put up until September 9th.
As always we appreciate your cooperation and compliance.
West Neck ARC.
The 2016 Pool Solicitation Letter and 2016 Membership Form have been mailed to all residents. Copies of those documents, and our pool rules, are available here on the website by clicking on the Village Hall tab on the left side of our home screen. The pool is now open for the season.
Neighborhood Safety Alert - Please see attached:/editor_upload/File/Incident%20Summary%20Feb%202016.docx
To report a pothole that needs repair, or a street light that is out, log on to the following website by copying the address below and pasting it into your browser:
After you report a problem to the city, you will receive an email from the city assigning a Report # and a Work Order # to the issue. You will also receive an email when the repair has been completed.
Smoke Detectors and Alarms - Please see the updated info in the attached flyer if you need help with the smoke detectors and alarms in your home. 2016 Smoke Alarm Update
White Mailbox Repairs or Replacement - You now have two vendors to choose from for these services: Scott Reaves (C) 572-3138 or Jim Dyckman (C) 761-3029.
2016 West Neck Board Meeting and Voting Member meeting dates are as follows:
Board - Jan. 20, Mar. 16, May 18, Aug. 17, & Nov. 16. Voting Member Annual Meeting - Oct. 19
West Neck Road Improvement update from Arthur Park Voting Member 15 May 2015 (attached)
Results of City Council Meeting on King Farm issue (the property directly across from our main entrance) see letter
West Neck Educators Club is open to all residents of West Neck (see flyer)
Community Association Complaint form and procedures are located in the Residents section under documents
When a Solicitor comes to your Door - See Neighborhood Watch for a VBPD Information  Brief
If you are looking for information concerning renting the Village Hall for a wedding event; go to "About Us" and there is a link to the Wedding Wire with the Village Hall information on it.  You do not have to be a registered user of this site to go to that page (left hand column)

~ Survey ~
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~ Upcoming Events ~
West Neck Garden Club Luncheon
Tuesday, September 27th, 11:30 AM at Signature Grill
New or existing members are invited to this annual luncheon. For more info pleae contact Bonnie Tarantina at 440-812-4342 or Donnetta Kuhle at 610-248-5285.

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~ Committee News ~
There are four new Ad-Hoc committees that were set up by the Board at the January meeting. Some may end up being Standing Committees as they work through their Charter. The Committees are: Care, Covenants and Document Review, Strategic Planning, and Marketing. If you're interested in serving on any of these committees, you may stop by the Village Hall reception desk for more information, or to sign up. Or you may email the chair or co-chairs listed below:
Committee Chairs
Care - Co-Chairs Maryann Carini carini2@cox.net and Sharon Ryan varyans@cox.net
Governance - George Horvath George2824@hotmail.com
Marketing - George Davis  gcdavis3@cox.net
Strategic Planning - Marshall Feldman marshfeld@gmail.com
 There is a new page added to the website located on the left hand column titled Home Maintenance.  Listed there are vendors recommended by your neighbors to fill your needs in your home maintenance.  If you have a vendor that you would recommend to clean carpets, vents, gutters or do general repairs or lawn work; let us know and we will add them to the listing.

~ News Articles ~

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