The Villages at West Neck

Q- What are the age restrictions in The Villages at West Neck?

A- This is an age restricted community that requires that at least one resident of every home or condo be age 55 or older. In addition, no one under the age of 20 may reside in the community for more that 90 days per year. This allows grandchildren to visit during the summer and for holidays.

Q-What happens if the age qualified spouse should pass away and the surviving spouse is not 55 yet?

A-The spouse of a Qualifying Occupant who is under 55 years of age may continue to occupy the unit. This is known as the 20% rule and the detailed specifics are spelled out in our Declaration in Article 111 Section 3.2 A.

Q-There is the West Neck Community Association, the Browningstone Condo Association and the Wordsworth Condo Association all in our community. Why are there three seperate associations and Boards?

A-The West Neck Community Association is the Master Association for the community and all residents in the entire community pay dues to this association. There are also two condo villages within West Neck. Unlike the six single family residential villages with city streets and infastructure, these two villages are private property where the unit owners actually own all the property, streets, and infastructure within the village, in an undivided interest. The Wordsworth Board and the Browningstone Board have been set up to fulfill the specific duties that are enumerated within their respective condo Declarations and By-Laws. Condo owners also pay dues to their condo association.

Q-Where can I get an application to submit to the Architectural Review Committee?

A- There was a blank application in the back of the ARC tab in the documents binder that you received when you purchased your home. In addition, you may print one by clicking on the ARC application tab on the ARC Page of this website. Also any ARC rep will be glad to furnish you an application, or you may pick one up at the Village Hall reception office. Their contact information is also listed in the ARC section of this website.

Q-Who should I contact if I have a concern or need additional information not provided in this FAQ section?

A-Our association manager is Brett Campbell of Community Group. Brett can be reached by email at or by phone at 757-747-0908.

Q-How does the West Neck Community Association utilize the funds that it collects from owners in the form of dues?

A-Every year each owner is sent an Annual Budget. This document details how the Board plans to spend the funds over the course of the year. In addition the Board contracts with a C.P.A. firm annually to audit the books of the association. The results of this audit are contained in the West Neck Financial Statement. This report details the actual expenditures for the year and contains other information that may be of interest to owners, such as a Balance Sheet. You may view the last report that was completed by clicking on the Document section of this website.

Q-What are Reserves and why does the association continue to fund this category every year?

A-We have several reserve categories. They are Operating, Insurance Deductible, Replacement, and Capital Improvement. The first two categories are self explanatory. These are funds that the Board has elected to set aside for use in specific instances. The operating reserve fund is there to insure that we maintain a cash liquidity that is always there should we need to bolster our cash position. The parallel here would be like a savings account that you might have to help manage your own monthly cash flow requirements. The Board has elected to set aside funds in the Insurance Deductible/Risk Management reserve account which could be utilized to cover the deductible on our master insurance, and any other risks the association might encounter. Reserve Replacements are set aside to pay for necessary repairs or replacement to the common elements when the need arises. The amount that is held aside in this reserve account is determined by having a Reserve Study completed that details the specific funding requirements annually based on cost, age, and condition of the association's common elements. Virginia Code stipulates that a Reserve Study be done at least every five years. Our last study was completed in in 2022, and details the annual contributions we must set aside to meet future replacement and major repair needs.

Q-Does the association have any control of parking on the streets in our community?

A-The answer is no. The two condo Boards do have purview over the streets in their respective communities because they own them. All the other streets in our community are city streets. The standard state and city ordinances apply to vehicle operation and parking on all city streets.

Q-If I want to make changes to my yard or home, why do I have to get ARC approval?

A-When you accepted your deed, it stipulated that you would abide by the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of the association. The specific ARC restrictions are detailed in the Architectural Guidelines. You can access this document by clicking on the ARC tab on the residents section of the website.